WHY EposRx

Welcome to EposRx: The Future of Smart Pharmacy Management!

Are you ready to revolutionize your pharmacy operations and enhance your customers’ experience? Look no further! EposRx is the ultimate EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software specially designed for modern, forward-thinking pharmacies. We’re here to tell you why joining the EposRx family is the best decision you can make for your pharmacy business.

Simplicity and Connectivity:

In today’s fast-paced world, simplicity and connectivity are paramount. EposRx has been meticulously crafted with these principles in mind. It seamlessly combines all the features you’d expect from an EPOS system while offering enterprise-level capabilities and full cloud functionality. Plus, our local database ensures uninterrupted operation even when you’re offline.

Innovation at Its Core:

EposRx was built from the ground up after a comprehensive analysis of the best products on the market. We’ve added innovative features to ensure that your pharmacy delivers an unparalleled experience to your customers. Our system is designed to be user-friendly for operators while offering seamless connectivity for single stores or multiple locations, making VAT returns a breeze without the hassle of collating paper receipts.

Intelligent AI Assistance:

EposRx harnesses the power of predictive AI to assist your stores with pricing, merchandising, and product selection. From day one, even users with no prior experience can start trading within just ten minutes of setup. Our self-learning database, combined with connections to C&D and multiple supplier databases, puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Meet the Visionary Behind It:

EposRx is the brainchild of Anup Sodha, the founder of Lexon, renowned for his technological prowess and innovation. Now, as an independent entity, Anup owns EposRx through his company, InnovateRx Limited. His passion for delivering the best solutions is at the heart of EposRx.

Proven Success:

Formerly known as Eposxtra, EposRx has gained tremendous momentum in its first year after the challenges of COVID-19. With over three hundred users already benefiting from our system, it’s clear that EposRx is the preferred choice among pharmacy professionals.

Affordable and Risk-Free:

We believe in providing you with the best hardware and software solution at the most competitive prices, without any binding contracts. To show our confidence, we offer a free trial in your store. You’ll only pay for hardware once you’re satisfied after a month of use, with a simple monthly billing structure thereafter.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Your success is our priority. We welcome specific user requests at no additional charge as we continually evolve our product to be the best in the market.

Don’t wait any longer; contact us today and experience the EposRx difference for yourself. Let us elevate your pharmacy business to new heights. Join the EposRx family and embrace the future of smart pharmacy management!


Develop a best in class solution that generates revenue from our OTC sales.

  • Enable a more professional   customer experience in our stores

  • Have a tool that enables support and advice for our staff

  • Have functions that allow use to track our services, prescriptions, staff hours and takings for tax digital

  • Doesn’t become a glorified till – use it to order / manage stock

  • Above all is simple to use

  • Allows us  to buy the right products that make us more margin

  • Reduce wastage of dead products and time

  • Is reasonably priced, because we all know that our relative margin from  OTC sales is low.

  • Makes us compliant with pharmacy restrictions

  • Is suitable for from single till to multiple stores


PMR style reordering of all items from all UK wholesalers

PMR style reordering of all items from all UK wholesalers including, Alliance, AAH, Phoenix, Enterprise, Trident, OTC direct, Nupharm, Sigma, DE group, Lexon, Ethigen, Aver, Eclipse, Mclernons, Colorama. Cascade out of stocks if required.  More than any other Epos system in UK.

Built with practical features for pharmacy, CD updates....

Built with practical features for pharmacy, CD updates, pharmacist-not-present restrictions, intuitive advice and information, record services, P sale restrictions by ingredients across multiple products

Easily manage non EDI orders...

Easily manage non EDI orders, EG Fortuna and all transfer orders from Miles group, Ceuta, Recketts, GSK etc and send to wholesaler of your choice.

Hybrid Epos Speed of conventional

Hybrid Epos Speed of conventional Till, with all back office operations web based. You can track your sales for your store or whole group from your mobile phone

Simple reordering rules

Simple reordering rules One for One or automatic demand forecasting

No additional

No additional head office software required

See what others have sold

See what others have sold that you have not. Get rid of your dead stock

Easy print shelf edge

Easy print shelf edge for new products or price changes

Stock take/check stock

Stock take/check stock using any mobile or tablet

Automatic back up

Automatic back up of all transactions.

All products preloaded so connect to your network cable and start selling

Intuitive and easy to use with minimal training required. All products preloaded so connect to your network cable and start selling.   Just confirm your selling price the first time you you’re your product or accept latest CD price.

Get direct store or group wise cash/vat reports

Get direct store or group wise cash/vat reports for direct integration into accounting software for Tax digital – no more filling out excel worksheets and retyping data

See what others have sold...

See what others have sold that you have not. Get rid of your dead stock

Prompts counter assistants to offer Information

Prompts counter assistants to offer Information/advice eg better  price or alternative products or new service avilable

Lowest cost of any pharmacy

Lowest cost of any pharmacy specific EPOS in UK.

Staff clocking in out with reports....

Staff clocking in out with reports/exceptions for payroll

Simple reordering rules

Simple reordering rules One for One or automatic demand forecasting

Upsell products by prompts

Upsell products by prompts to counter staff by product links

Automatically adjust stock

Automatically adjust stock in to maintain stock control

Many More

Staff discount/loyalty cards

Ecommerce integration

Excess stock management between groups


We use the latest touch screen magnesium alloy hardware running windows.  We only supply branded best quality Zebra omnidirectional scanner and Star Printer.

All machines come with a second screen back screen for in-store promotions.   Free three year no quibble swap warranty on all hardware.


Our application is designed to be self-installed and ready for use when delivered. We will provide you with links to training of all key function within software or will be available to answer any of your questions. In the first instance you will want to just start selling. In the unlikely event that you need onsite installation and training, we are happy to provide this to you at a cost.


To keep our costs low, we are not able to travel to your site, however you can view demonstration videos, or have comfort of our no quibble full return policy within 30 days to try the solution with your own pharmacy.  Alternatively you are welcome to come to the offices of Lexon in Redditch or in Norchem for a full product demo.


Free remote support and training for the lifetime of your product.


COST ( all price quotes Exc VAT)

Our hardware is supplied to you at our cost of £ 1000. Alternatively, you can pay £30 month for 36 months.


Per site license of £50/month. You can install as many tills at the same site for the same price.

CD licenses if required must be purchased separately. You may already have this


Installation and training

£200 per site. Note you will need to have pre-installed a network connection at the location of the till with an internet connection. Please ask any questions if you need help before installation